We recruit statements that require the compensation of temporal disparity due to Asian server integration

My name is bad weather.
I do not think that server 20 wants to integrate. Chat is active and among the Asian servers, it can be imagined that the day is shallow and the prey to other integration planned servers is possible. Can not avoid server integration? If this is integrated and we receive disadvantages, many Japanese users of server 20 have to be withdrawn from this game.

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no they won’t EVERY player on all them servers ill be on ONE BIG server.

sadly no 10

I think that’s why it’s getting merged

Many users will leave if there is no free compensation for young servers.
It’s so sad.

I agree with the merge.
It may seem lively, but it has fewer active users than other servers.
Guild contests don’t even earn 1% rank rewards.
On the other hand, 20 servers are overwhelmingly disadvantageous.
There is no sign of catching up even if the level upper limit is set.
It is clear when you look at the total power.
The same applies to paid products.
Parblue said he changed the number of paid items as the game progressed.
However, despite advances, it is a scam that the prices of major servers and paid items are not yet the same.
Reward items should be distributed according to the amount of items paid so far.
As bad weather says, many players are losing motivation and trying to leave the game.
We also expect an attractive merge for 20 server players.

Many people are pleased to see this post. Recently, there are many free and paid rewards, but is it intentional? If so, I want you to think that it will be compensated with the server where the time difference is intense because it is too lacking and the progress of the challenge.

Server integration is an unavoidable fact. So my claim does not refuse integration, and I want to change to the compensation enhancement.

This thread needs to be seen more. Especially for perblue.

After all, the temporal disparity but the temporal disparity is not buried and remains unclear. There is no need to expect enough to expect, no more than giving up.

Who did you get? It is operated and not a user. How long does it have to be finished after this integration.

It’s been a while since the integration was over. The contents of the items for sale have not changed so much, and it seems that there are differences among users who were on the same server.
It’s okay for a limited time, so please distribute and sell items with extras only for users of the newly created server.

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