We want Duo Heroes

You know we all need more Duo characters in the game, can anyone think of any Duos? It can be Heroes or Villains, anyone that you like. We all need more Heroes in the game World we all call… Disney Heroes Battle Mode.

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A duo I’ve been wanting in the game the most is Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket.

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Jim hawkins and morph will fit for a dou charther they are from treasure planet like captain amealia pain and panic from hercules could fit they are hades s hencemen in hercules




There are plenty duo heroes already in game : simba&nala, hunk&dory, timon&pumba, gerald&marvin,kristoff&sven,jasmin&raja… We have trio of ducklings as well. I don’t mind when there’s some nice concept around those heroes but mostly I’d prefere to see one hero and hope for another being added later. Don’t want just to see 2heroes as one just for sake of having more characters represented


I see, there lot of Duos in the game, but imagine what it would be like with more Duo characters in the game.

Yeah, True that :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Please don’t make Pinocchio and Jimminy cricket a duo

Ariel and flounder (if you prefer sabastian )

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Oh yes I know, some of you are asking for Her to be in the game and I don’t know if she will make it or not but I hope with my heart that she will make it The game.

How about max goof and PJ or Roxanne???

That’s good :+1::blush:, I like it.

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Question why would you make them a duo?

Well if max add in this game as solo character, it will be a little bit similar with huey dewey and louie. Max’s one of the characteristics is skateboard but it just same with hdl. And of course it just my opinion lol

We’re most likely gonna get max in November

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Yeah i hope too. He was my childhood’s memory. I really enjoyed a goofy movie when i was 7 years old.

Mabel and Dipper is what I’ve been wanting for a long time.

"Pain! Ow. "
“And Panic! Gah.”
“Reporting for duty!”

Yes yes, everyone here has beautiful ideas, I love them all.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Some duo heroes can be

  1. Kanga and Roo
  2. Yin and Yang
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