Weaknesses and Strengths


I think the game would function better if their was someone to identify which characters have weaknesses against others and vice versa. I would be exceptionally helpful in areas like The Port where you have to find the right line up instead of the most powerful. Would assist in The Arena mode as well. Maybe add arch type or use the already established types (Tank, Support etc)

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In my opinion, half the challenge & fun of the game is figuring that out for yourself



True. But as a basis, Damage characters beat controls and tanks and other damagers,

Controls Slow down enemies or stop then from using certain abilities.

Mainly tanks damagers and supports.

Supports heal/shield/buff allies

And Tanks absorb large amounts of damage (excluding Felix) they usually also have a stun ability and/or a heal ability.

Then their is different classes of each excluding tanks.

Front Damage, Mid Damage, and Back Damage.

Back Control, Mid control

Back Support, Mid support

and Tanks are always front row except Hades who is Mid.

All these conditions result in it being near impossible to have a basis for how to beat certain heroes in game.

Certain heroes do have counters. For example:

Counter to healers: Tia Dalma or Maleficent

This includes Moana, Sulley, Jessie, Miguel, Yax, Mickey Woody and etc.



(cough) HADES (cough)

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:astonished: I forgot about Hades!! My bad! Lemme edit it.he is Mid right?

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Healers counter: Tia Dalma or Maleficent

Other way around, Curse skills make it impossible to heal, rendering healing skills useless (nerfed next patch)



It’s phrased as: “Counter to Healers”, not the other way around…

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Depends if you read “counter” as a noun or as a verb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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That too…

(20 characters)



…XD ok lemme make it more clear :upside_down_face:



I’ve been playing almost a year now & until recently had no clue why I had basically hit the wall with my heroes progressing in Arena, Surge, Coli & other battles & started really reading what my guild was chatting on our wall about- exactly these things you said! I’ve been trying to scramble around to learn all these vital lessons but it’s incredibly difficult & notes like yours are priceless! Thx!!!



Yw glad it helped. :grin:

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Thank you. That is why I made the post. I keep hitting walls and it is frustrating. Especially with the enemies who aren’t also heroes. I’m learning but still kind of just wing my line up in hopes of going further in the Arena, Coli, Port etc.