Webby Vanderquack Hero Concept!

Webby Vanderquack

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Stats and Information

Role - Control

Trial Team - Red

Position - Back

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “As soon as I’m done polishing my tea pot, we can have a party with all my dollies!”

Bio - The most innocent member of the quack pack Webby relies on her Penguin pals to do some damage on the battlefield. Don’t take her for granted though she is a force in combat.


Entrance - Webby skips into battle.

Victory - Webby pulls out her Quacky Patch doll. Then throws it up in the air and catches it.

Defeat - Webby rubs her eyes and starts crying.

Basic Attack - A penguin slides through enemies.


White Skill - Penguin Slide (Normal Damage)
Passive : Webby’s basic attack does knockback to all enemies hit.

Active : A flock of 8 penguins slide through enemies. Each Penguin deals x damage and freezes enemies for 3 seconds.

Green Skill - Tea Party
Webby drinks from her teacup cleansing her, healing her x, and granting her reflect for 6 seconds. Webby gains 1 stack of hardy for each debuff that she removes from her when she cleanses herself.

Blue Skill - Ice To See You
Webby’s basic attack now freezes up to 4 enemies for 3 seconds.
The freeze has a chance to fail on enemies above level x.

Purple Skill - Stowaway
Every 15 seconds Webby becomes invisible for 8 seconds. If the invisibility is removed/stolen from Webby she immediately redoes this skill and she gains x energy.

Red Skill - Feathered Friends
Each Penguin on “Penguin Slide” steals 75 energy from each enemy they hit. Webby applies this energy to her allies.
Frozen enemies have 60 energy stolen every second they’re frozen.

  • x Max hp
  • x armor
  • x damage per Penguin on “Penguin Slide


Webby and Woody
Name - Toy Time

Description - Heal when Penguin hits


  • Whenever a Penguin hits an enemy Webby heals x


  • +x armor
  • +x reality
  • +x evasion

Webby and 22
Name - Play Pal

Description - Increased reflect damage


  • When Webby has reflect the damage reflected back is x% greater.


  • +x tenacity
  • +x skill power
  • +x basic damage
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