Wednesday Addams and Thing: A Hero Concept

Wednesday Addams and Thing

Role: Control

Position: Backline

Stars: :star:

Description: This iconic duo is ready to bleed onto the battlefield. Hopefully someone will lose their head.

Quote: “I do like stabbing. The social part, not so much.”

Basic Attack: Thing scratches an enemy

Entrance: Wednesday lights up her way with a flashlight and walks onto battlefield, while Thing scurries on.

Victory: Wednesday smirks, and thing jumps up.

Defeat: Thing drops to the ground and Wednesday cries.


White skill: Cello Swirl
Wednesday brings out her cello and plays a monstrous musical number. This song charms and increases the move my and attack speed of all enemies by 100%. When Wednesday stops playing her song, all allies gain X skill power for 10 seconds.

Green Skill: Piranha Bites
Wednesday takes out two bags full of piranhas and throws them at the two front most enemies. Each bag deals X normal damage and snares each enemy for 7 seconds. If there is only one enemy left, two bags are thrown at that enemy.

Blue Skill: Gargoyle Rain
Wednesday takes out her umbrella and points it at the ally with the most HP. A gargoyle falls on top of them at ally, scaring and distracting them for X seconds. Each time this skill is used, another second of debuffs is gained. The first time Wednesday uses this skill the debuffs last for 3 seconds.

Purple Skill: Therapy Escape
Whenever an enemy slows Wednesday and Thing, that enemy loses X percent movement and attack speed that they applied to Wednesday and Thing.

Red Skill: Don’t Blink
Wednesday and Thing now use “Gargoyle Rain” at the start of each wave. The enemy hit by the first use of “Gargoyle Rain” has all of their buffs removed.

+X% attack speed

+X% skill power

+X% max HP


Friendship #1: Wednesday and Thing and Sally

Friendship name: Poison Search

Wednesday and Sally search for the most poisonous plant needed for a secret potion, but it turns out the creeps have stole all the necessities.

Allies: Jack Skellignton, Winifred Sanderson, and Maui

Disk: Each time movement and attack speed is decreased for any ally, that/those allies gain reflect for X seconds.

+X reality to Wednesday and Thing

+X basic damage to Wednesday and Thing

Friendship #2: Wednesday and Thing and Miguel

Friendship name: A Note of Difference

Wednesday and Thing and Miguel go around playing music for the world, however, Wednesdays music attracts a bunch of creeps.

Allies: The Mayor, Jessie, and Yax

Disk: “Piranha Bites” now snares enemies for X% longer.

+X% Energy gain

+X% Reality for Wednesday and Thing

Thank you for reading this concept!! I am looking for feedback if you have any!!

  • Morsat

Feel free to comment on anything that needs work or change.

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