Weekend Trials

Those trials are the most annoying features in the game that one of my heroes possibly insta-kill my team for some reason. It felt I would like to use the Game Genie to activate the cheats for Berserk when KO’D, enemies starting with stacks of fatigue/decay, etc.

@TheGrillFather Can you remove that trial for the other weekends? It’s impossible for me.

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You’re asking PB to remove the trial from the game because you can’t complete it? :thinking:

If you’re struggling with the Rons, Chef Skinner and some disablers make short work of them.


I think there is 1 chance of this trial. If I had the cheat up, then it will be unlimited.

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Well yes quite, though that would also be against the game TOS and would likely result in a swift ban :stuck_out_tongue:


What is a swift ban?

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These trials are one of better things in game… definitely should stay. And better, be a weekly thing.


@TheGrillFather can the weekend traisl be for every weekend?

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Basically, Pipsqueak is saying that using software that allows you to cheat in the game is against PerBlue’s Terms Of Service, and if they determine that someone is cheating they can block them from the game and delete their account.

On the one hand, the one player I’ve known to have definitely cheated, and who did so for months, is still playing the game; on the other hand, it’s probably not a risk you’d want to take.

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