Weekly challenge unrealizable?


Hello there,

One of the weekly challenge is to achieve one of the Pick’em challenge.
What about the people which have already completed all of them ?
It’s frustrating to miss one challenge because of that.
Any suggestion about resolving this ?

Thank you and have a nice day.


I’m having the same problem: I’ve already completed all pick’em challenges… :disappointed_relieved:
That weekly challenge doesn’t seem to have been thought through… :thinking:


Polaris :“The problem with the weekly challenges switching early was fixed with the server restart today. Still looking into the “Pick a Winner” not awarding to players who’ve completed the Pick 'Em book.”

Looks like they are working on it :smile:



Not validated tho


So then the best thing to do is probably raise it with support rather than here.


Ok I cannot find it, But @Polaris said on another thread that they would make sure you had it awarded before the week is out.