Weekly challenges....whats the deal?


…completed the spend 2m weekly challenge 3 or 4 days ago now & getting irritated that the challenge hasn’t reset or given me the reward as yet- read the blurb at the top of that screen but only says weekly challenges start over on Wednesday, but doesn’t say anything about when you finish the challenge before the following Wednesday…do we only get the reward the next Wednesday & have to have that completed challenge staring us in the face for the rest of the week until the new challenge starts? Seems messed up that I completed that challenge maybe 24 hrs after it began (for once!!) but have to wait a week for my reward & can’t work on another until the next reset day? Is that right?

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No that’s not right, if you’ve completed the challenge but haven’t got the reward then send in a support ticket.

That said, when you complete it the slot won’t ‘open up’, it just sits there completed until the next wednesday.



A screenshot is very helpful un these circumstances :wink:



If you haven’t got your rewards seems a little fishy!