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It’s been a week since i’ve made a concept by now, so here’s the concept
Infinite Speedy
“andale, andale”
Infinite Speedy zips through the battlefield, now with his cybernetic hacking skills, he zips faster as he’s the fastest one in the battlefield as his speed is infinite.
2 :star:red, Mid-line Damage, Red Team

Entrance: Zips into battlefield
Victory: Opens a portal and zips out of the battlefield
Defeat: Gets shot by a laser

Basic Attack: He zips over a random enemy, dealing damage to them and stunning them for 2 seconds

White Skill: Absolute Data :sparkles:
2 lasers appear at the enemy team, then he runs over the enemy team, the laser was supposed to shoot him but he dodges and misshoot 2 enemies, the enemies hit by the laser now gain a stack of uncleansable “Hack” and deals damage to the enemies, then he gains extra Attack and Speed.

Green Skill: Burn-in :sparkles:
After each wave starts for 5 seconds, he opens a portal and runs over the enemy line and a net catches him, dealing damage to all enemies and gaining a stack of hack to all enemies. For each hack on an enemy, gains extra attack, speed, armor, evasion, tenacity and Max HP by X.

Blue Skill: Jack in
At the start of each wave, gain a stack of hack to the enemy with the highest evasion and gain extra 10% Max HP and Speed, each time Absolute Data or Burn-in is activated, uses this skill.

Purple Skill: Peer to Peer
Whenever an enemy with stacks of hack is defeated, he randomly transfers the stacks of hack to random enemies. For the enemy with the most stacks of hack, gain the enemy a stack of shield that lasts 1 second and deal damage over time for 30 seconds.

Red Skill: Black Hat Hacker
After Absolute Data is triggered, if an enemy has more than 2 stacks of Hack, silences the enemy for 5.25 seconds. If 4 stacks of Hack, stuns the enemy for 5.25 seconds. If 6 stacks of Hack are applied to an enemy, steals 100% energy from all enemies. Whenever he or his allies steal energy, increases 10% of all stats and cleanse all stat downs. Whenever an enemy uses their White, Green or Blue Skill without a stack of Hack on them, Gain 4 stacks of Hack on them and stunning them for 5.25 seconds.

+X Skill Power
+X Stats gained for Burn-in


Infinite Speedy/ EGGH34D
Campaign: City Hack Express
Allies: Kevin Flynn, Baymax, Big Chungus
Disk: Secret Transferred File
Disk Effect: For 8 stacks of Hack on an enemy, deals damage over time for the rest of the wave.
+X Armor
+X Speed
+X Tenacity

Infinite Speedy/ Quorra
Campaign: De-hacker
Allies: Minnie, Tron, Fear
Disk: Hack Disk
Disk Effect: For 8 stacks of Hack on an enemy, takes out immune to all enemies and they can’t be immuned anymore.
+X Evasion
+X Attack
+X Max HP

Battle Badge
Charge Condition: Hack is applied to enemies
Stat Buff: + X Attack
Lineup Buff: + Skill Power per Control enemy
Effect Buff: Heal Over Time

And also, next concept request? In the comments.

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