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So, New building for the map. Either it should be called the Archives or the Library. I will make a poll later.

SOo, this place organizes everything that has to do with text.

all campaign text is there in chronological order starting at chapter 1-1 and going all the way to as far as the player has reached. It also has a section for friendship campaigns which can be divided by selecting a character.

In addition, it also has all the tutorials in a section as well. New building. What do you all think??

  • Call it a Library
  • Call it the Archives

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I like it! Seems interesting! Sometimes I forget to read the text before fighting and it’s nice to have all the “story line” in one place.


Dis would be really great so we can read wot has happened so far in the city.


s c r e e n s h o t p l e a s e !


Maybe if it’s called the Archives, Quackfaster from Ducktales could introduce you to it, like Shank did for the guild war.


Maybe it will be called


No screen shot cuz it isnt ingame.

The reason I was thinking Library is cuz Belle from Beauty and the Beast is already managing the library. But sure Archives is another option :grin:


Oh, okay. I think there must be a wall in the mormal campaign, just like the ones that can be found at the Friends tab.