Welcome to the End

You are forcing players , many long time , to retire or give up this game . Most people come on to play a game not invest hundreds of dollars for meager junk. Folks are trying to eat , pay bills etc. Get this fixed or go broke . People come on to get away from life not find more drudgery and expenditures. Y’all have shot yourselves in the foot with the utter greed from mismanagement of resources for players.


Only 2 months since they increased the cost and I, and many others, feel like it is too much to even play daily

I myself spend less and less time playing this game. Don’t even care to do Arena and Coli…I basically do 1 fight per week to earn a minimum amount of diamond…


I recently returned to the game and there are a few changes I like in the game - like stamina storage increase, for example; guild perks; gold balancing; wish crates; but at the same time, legendary is almost not possible with smaller guilds like mine, and this insane stamina cost increase make me thinking about going back to another games. Its too much grind at extremely slow pace; and the gap between small p2w, f2p and big spenders is now getting just insane (and there will be less of those soon, with the cost they need to throw into thin air to buy enough stamina). I stopped buying for now and recommending everyone the same - PerBlue was always following very greedy strategy, but this time they surprised even me. Vote for the changes with your money, they understand that. I am not trying to say GrillFather is doing bad work or something - its opposite, he is trying his best and doing great work staying calm, and helpful - but he has to follow this super greed direction, so I am sure everything seems “OK” from their end.


Now with everything costing so much gold I have to constantly save for gold, mostly from surge getting me 294 billion gold

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