Welcome To The Galaxy, Friend! Wander and Sylvia Character Concept (#3)

• Wander and Sylvia from Disney’s Wander Over Yonder!

Description: Wander, an optimistic Star Nomad travels the galax- uhh city, with his best friend and trusty steed Sylvia, a Zbornak who will never back down from a fight.

Quote: “We’ll just end up in a temple, solving a bunch of riddles, dodging poisoned darts, and getting chased by a giant boulder just to find out that the greatest gift is our friendship, which we already know.”

Stars: :star:

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Sylvia lands a punch or kick on enemies

Entrance: Sylvia runs into the battlefield with Wander riding on top of her until Wander spots the enemies and Sylvia comes to a halt


Victory: Wander gets off Sylvia and they dance


Defeat: Wander and Sylvia look disappointed


White Skill: “Banjo Bonanza”

Passive: When Wander and Sylvia Basic Attack, they gain 50% of the Damage they deal as Armor and Reality for 10 seconds

Active: Wander plays a tune on his banjo, healing him, Sylvia and their allies for X HP as well as energizing them for 12 seconds. Allies Energized from this skill receive 150 extra Energy each time they perform a basic Attack.

This skill triggers at the end of every stage, in addition to during combat.

Green Skill: “Out Of The Way”

Wander and Sylvia cleanse themselves and charge across the battlefield, dealing X Normal Damage and knocking back enemies. Knocked back enemies have their buffs cleared and are Pierced for 7 seconds.

When Wander and Sylvia return to their side of the battlefield, they grant themselves and allies a Shield that blocks X damage for 5 seconds.

Blue Skill: “Orbble Juice”

Wander pulls out a jar containing Orbble Juice from his hat and uses a looped wand to blow two orbble bubbles.

The first bubble acts as a shield for the weakest ally, protecting them from damage for the next 8 seconds. Allies that have a Shield have their Armor increased.

The second bubble traps and freezes the enemy with the most HP for 5 seconds. Frozen enemies are sapped for 7 seconds.

Purple Skill: “Smash and Sass”

Enemies hit by “Out Of The Way” now gain 5 stacks of Weakness and have their Tenacity reduced by 75% for 8 seconds.

The Weakness application has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red Skill: “Tumbleweeds”

Wander and Sylvia are now untargetable when performing “Out Of The Way” which now deals a Bonus X Normal Damage.

Every time a Shield is applied to Wander and Sylvia or an ally, they receive 4 stacks of Determination and are immune to disables.

Disables include Stun, Freeze, Blind, Silence and Charm.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • X Skill Power
  • X Basic Damage
  • X HP from “Orbble Juice” shields


  1. Wander and Sylvia / Kermit

Disk name: Banjo Pals
Disk effect: “Banjo Bonanza” Makes Damage Role Allies Invincible

When Wander and Sylvia heal Damage role allies by performing “Banjo Bonanza”, they become invincible for 5 seconds.

  • X HP healed by “Banjo Bonanza” per second
  • X Armor for each 10 missing HP
  • X Reality for each 10 missing HP
  • Skill Power

Campaign: Wander and Sylvia stumble upon Kermit The Frog while exploring the city they suddenly found themselves in. Impressed by Kermit’s cheerfulness and his banjo skills, Wander suggests they embark on an adventure together to bring happiness to everyone in the city!

Allies: Miguel Rivera, Moana, Baymax

  1. Wander and Sylvia / Maximus

Disk name: Trusty Steeds
Disk effect: Faster After “Out Of The Way”

Wander and Sylvia gain 80% Movement and Attack Speed for 10 seconds after using “Out Of The Way”.

Wander, Sylvia and their allies gain X Armor for the first 10 seconds of each wave if there is at least one Tank role enemy

  • X Skill Power
  • X Damage to “Out Of The Way”
  • X Reality

Campaign: Wander is impressed by Maximus’s ability to fight off these “creeps” that have been attacking him and Sylvia recently. He tries to approach Maximus with his positivity, but Sylvia is cautious due to Maximus’s serious demeanor. Over time, Wander’s charm broke the ice between them. Maximus and Sylvia came to appreciate each other’s loyalty and bravery to Rapunzel and Wander, respectively.

Allies: Rapunzel, Simba and Nala, Stitch

Hope you guys like it! Constructive criticism welcomed. Here’s some W.I.P for the arts I made


Once again the art is soo good


Your concepts are just amazing, I’m obsessed

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