Welcome, Welcome! (Eternified Partyness concept) (coming the 4th of forever.)

Please note that this is my first JJT Concept.


Description: Eternified Partyness AKA Eternified [ REDACTED ] is a friendly Healer in backline, though he might be a hybrid of damage and healer. He is ready for action and has a load of [ REDACTED ] and [ REDACTED ] in play, he also helps his Allies and is ready to destroy the creeps.

Stars: :star::star: (30 chips)

Quote: “Play Tower of Eternified Partyness now!”

Trials Team: Yellow or Red

Position: Backline

Chips available: Chapter 59: Ocean Lane

Chapter 65: Fossil Road

Diamond Crate

Basic Heal: Cheers Himself to heal himself 672 health.


:white_large_square: White Skill: Reveal of Craziness
Eternified Partyness reveals his true self, Eternified Death, He then changes from Healer to Damage, then stuns the enemies for 8.0 seconds and charms the closest enemy to him for the same time.


:green_square: Green Skill: Hopeful Happiness
Eternified Partyness shows his happiness, blinding all of the enemies for 4.0 seconds and inspiring all of his allies for 10.0 seconds.

:blue_square: Blue Skill: Mechanical Dreams
Eternified Partyness Finds Wires that aren’t wired correctly, so he helps wire them correctly, gaining a stack of Partying and Eternified Partyness becomes invincible for 12.0 seconds.

:purple_square: Purple Skill: Guided Service
Eternified Partyness heals the 2 with the least health slowly and surely and makes them invincible for 7.0 seconds and also gains a stack of joy (yup, joy.)

:red_square: Red Skill: Exospheric
Every 6827 Fantastic Damage, Eternified Partyness Gains a Stack of Partying and Steals 738 Skill Power to give to his allies and himself.


Eternified Partyness and Joy
More info soon.

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This is unfinished, your missing the four other skills

no he has white and green skill, he is missing 3 skills, blue skill, purple skill, and red skill

Say no more!

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