🐍 We're the TUNNEL SNAKES and we want YOU! Victory begins here! [Server 10]


Hey guys~!* :hugs:

I’m Shimmer and I am looking for some active members to join a great guild on server 10; TUNNEL SNAKES! We’ve been around a minute and have plenty of active members. At this time we’re looking for 8 new recruits. We have a slew of perks and are constantly gaining more. Celebrate your growth! Combine your knowledge and strength with ours~ We’re stronger together! :muscle:

There are a few requirements you must meet before being able to join:

  • You must be level 60 or above.

  • Understand that you are required to check-in, take part in surges and participate in guild wars.

  • Plan on staying active; a week of inactivity will get you kicked!

If you meet the requirements and would like to get started, go to the guilds area, search for Tunnel Snakes and tap join! Looking forward to seeing you all~!* :heart:


Tunnel Snakes… Point for creativity.


I can’t take the credit for that. :sweat_smile:


Bumpity bump bump~ :snake: