What a Shocker - Experiment 221 aka Sparky Concept

I’m finally back with another concept!

Source: Lilo and Stitch


Description: Experiment 221, aka Sparky, is ready to wreak havoc on enemies with his massive electrical surges.

Quote: “Cuz-z-zin…”

Role: Damage

Position: Mid

Stars: :star:

Trial Team: Blue


Entrance: Sparky zips to his position.

Victory: Sparky cackles as electricity jolts around him.

Defeat: A glass vase falls on and traps Sparky, who zips around trying to escape, but to no avail.

Basic attack: Sparky zaps electricity at an enemy.


White - Power Surge (Fantastic Damage)
Passive: When Sparky lands a basic attack, he applies a stack of “Shock” to the enemy. Sparky deals 10% more damage to enemies per stack of “Shock” on them. Each enemy can have up to 10 stacks of “Shock”.

Active: Sparky zips through all enemies, consuming all stacks of “Shock” and dealing X damage to each enemy per stack of “Shock” on them and removing all of their active buffs. Sparky also heals himself for Y HP per stack of “Shock” on an enemy when he damages them.

Green - Lightning Blast (Fantastic Damage)
Sparky shoots blasts of lightning from his antennae at nearby enemies, dealing X damage to them as well as stealing 200 Energy from each of them and applying 3 stacks of “Shock” to each of them.

Blue - Electric Discharge (Fantastic Damage)
Sparky sends lightning to the enemy with the most Energy, dealing X damage to them and stealing 250 Energy from them. Sparky also deals X damage to enemies between him and the enemy with the most Energy with this skill and steals 100 Energy from each of them.

Purple - Quick Current
Sparky’s attack and movement speed are increased by 100% after using “Power Surge”. This buff is increased by 20% for each active buff Sparky removed from enemies while using “Power Surge”.

Red - High Voltage (Normal Damage)
While enemies are above 50% of their Max HP, they take X damage per second per stack of “Shock” on them.
Whenever Sparky or an ally steals Energy from an enemy, the enemy that they stole Energy from is stunned for 6 seconds.
+X Max HP
+X Basic Damage
+X damage dealt with “Power Surge” per stack of “Shock”


Campaign: “The Electri-City” - Megavolt tries to trick Sparky into helping him “power up” the City in hopes of actually gaining his power for himself. (Allies: Syndrome, Zeus, Kevin Flynn)

Disk: “Sparking a Friendship” - Slow Enemies with “Shock”
+X Max HP
Enemies lose X Skill Power per stack of “Shock” on them
Enemies’ attack and movement speed are reduced by 4% (+1% per star) per stack of “Shock” on them.

Campaign: “Powerful Allies” - Sisu sees Sparky traveling around the City for the first time and tries to introduce herself to him, only to accidentally cause chaos when she finds out that his electricity powers don’t mesh well with her water abilities. (Allies: Sulley & Boo, Davy Jones, Mushu)

Disk: “Lighten Up” - Heal With Basic Attacks
+X Basic Damage
+X HP healed with “Power Surge” per stack of “Shock” on an enemy
Sparky’s basic attacks heal him for 16% (+16% per star) of the damage dealt.


Nice concept

Shouldn’t this specify that he is then trapped? I knew what you meant because I’ve seen the movie but maybe others don’t?

I like the concept as a whole.

Fair point. I’ll fix that.

This is pretty good! :+1: And I haven’t even seen any of the movies.

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