What characters should be added

Hey disney heroes battle mode here are some characters you should add such as Winifred Mary and Sarah and Ray and Louis the mayor of Halloween town bullseye from toy story oh and add more princesses ok thanks for listening

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Kida’s in the game, so what about having Milo be in it?

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@Detective_Hook_LVIII Im Just… Kinda Disappointed of Louis…

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I wanna see these heroes:
Lightning McQueen
Chicken Little


John smith from Pocahontas
Meeko would be nice 2

Max goof who appeared goof troop and goofy’s son

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Ratigan (with Felicia for white skill)
Bing Bong… To complete inside out…
Mama Odie, preferably with her pet snake (fit in nicely with all magic lot)
Princess Tiana (if we are going to have another official princes)
Dumbo (original style)
Prince John or Sheriff of Nottingham


I agree with you yellowbeard but they really should also add Ray and Louis as like a duo character and tell me if the Sanderson sisters should be a character in the game

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Why not add Kion from The Lion Guard? It’s one of the best Disney Junior show, plus it gets kinda dark during the third season (making it more for 10-12 year olds). I understand that some would complain about the timeline, but look at Tron. The timeline has already been broken. Besides if he was in the game, he wouldn’t have any conversations with Simba & Nala or Scar, Maybe Rafiki or Timon & Pumbaa. I also understand that Disney Junior characters are a bad decision for PerBlue to make. Heck, even The Mark of the Guard has a badge in the game so that is proof that they can add Kion to the game.

Sanderson Sisters would be good too… spot on… they would need to be a single game character (like Simba & Nala / Hank & Dory etc)…

I don’t see why they couldn’t include it, its not as if they have not included live action (rather than animated) films before - Tron and Tron: Legacy.

That being said, whilst it would be good to see them, they didn’t exactly come across as the most competent of villains so it might be a stretch.

Oh and Ray and Louis would be cool too, but I suspect you would have to see Tiana in there first. Whereas Madam Odie would fit in nicely even if they don’t add the princess.

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Well that’s great that you replied to me yellowbeard and I support your ideas every step of the way also I think that there are a few toy story characters missing like lotso and bullseye and maybe Benson and gabby gabby oh and Lady and tramp would be a great duo character the mayor of Halloween town probably won’t be here until next year

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AvalancheTV already mentioned Bolt, but I also want to see some more Winnie-the-Pooh characters like Piglet, Kanga & Roo, and Rabbit and the rest of Big Hero 6 (GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred).

I’d like to see Quasimodo and Esmeralda myself, as well as Flik and Hopper.


Id like to suggest professor von drake.

I’d like to see HAN•S from the wall•e movie, experiment 627 from the lilo and stitch series, And chicken little characters

Experiment 625 - Ruben (Stitch)
Dr Bushroot (DarkWing Duck)
Bubba the Cave Duck (Ducktales)
Shego (Kim Possible)
Zeus (Hercules)
Roz (Monsters Inc)
Turbo (Wreck-it Ralph)
Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)
Phantom Blot (Micky Mouse)
A fat guy in a floaty chair (Wall-E)

Please x

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