What Disney heroes would you like to see in the game?


  1. Mickey Mouse

  2. Donald Duck

  3. Alladin

  4. Genie

  5. Hercules

  6. Tarzan

  7. Another. What?


I would definitely like Donald and Mickey to come to the game yeah :-).

The Avenger Duck and Super Goofy would probably fit well in this game as well and probably pretty realistic. Not sure if more or less realistic, but Scrooge and Darkwing Duck could be possible.

Who I would personally love would be Sora from Kingdom Hearts ^^. Probably not likely for a good while at least, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Stitch, Moana, Baymax, Hiro, Simba are all good picks as well along with all Disney characters :-).

Will be interesting to see what characters gets added and hopefully a lot of interesting ones ^^.


Seria maravilhoso ter mais heróis no jogo entre eles poderia ter Tarzan, Hércules, Príncipe Felipe, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Arthur, Mickey, tio patinhas e Minnie.


I would love to see a return for scrouge mcduck and the duck tail gang make a return it’s been 2 long away from the big time, I know my boy would love to see the lion gard hats off to that show you done something magic there

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Bay Max and Hiro from Big Hero Six. They would fit super well.


Elsa is who I mostly want in the game right now. :slight_smile:


Stitch! Jumba and Gantu too.


Rex, Eve, Merida, Capt Barbossa, Tia Dalma, Quorra, Kevin Flynn, Belle, Beast, Gaston, Lumiere

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Might seem odd to ask for, but I’d love to see Mufasa, Simba, Baymax and the rest of Big Hero 6, Aladar and Baloo would look awesome in this game. Plus it’d be cool to see more animal characters other than Zootopia.


Any bugs life character


Scrooge Mc Duck, Donald Duck, Ariel, Mulan.


I hope they save Big Hero Six chars for a huge update.


Moana for sure, Mulan, and Ariel (possibly some villians despite it being about heros???)

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Hércules y que ingrese marvel tambien.


There are already a couple of megathreads like this one already. So, instead of me saying who I want, I’ll leave this link below!

If you’d like to help me give the devs ideas of how they could be implemented into the game, check out my post. Included are some of the heroes I’m, personally, hoping show up soon: How do YOU envision your “next” hero? :basketball: :rofl:


Jack skeleton or any nightmare before Christmas character


Some of the Emotions from Inside Out. Anger would be cool.

If they do Aladdin, I want them to do Carpet.


7 - Stitch From Lilo And Stitch


Abu would be nice but that wont happen :slight_smile:


Genie,Jafar,Baloo,Mowgli,Bambi as a control character,The villian from Incredibles,Mulan,Pochahontas,Tarzan,Max from the goof troop,King Louie,thumper,Mr potato head as a control character,Steamboat willie Mickie Minnie Goofy and Donald,and Just a reach but how about Nemo and Dory

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Nuevos héroes que pienso que deberían estar