What Disney heroes would you like to see in the game?

Any bugs life character


Scrooge Mc Duck, Donald Duck, Ariel, Mulan.


I hope they save Big Hero Six chars for a huge update.


Moana for sure, Mulan, and Ariel (possibly some villians despite it being about heros???)


Hércules y que ingrese marvel tambien.

There are already a couple of megathreads like this one already. So, instead of me saying who I want, I’ll leave this link below!

If you’d like to help me give the devs ideas of how they could be implemented into the game, check out my post. Included are some of the heroes I’m, personally, hoping show up soon: How do YOU envision your “next” hero? :basketball: :rofl:

Jack skeleton or any nightmare before Christmas character


Some of the Emotions from Inside Out. Anger would be cool.

If they do Aladdin, I want them to do Carpet.

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7 - Stitch From Lilo And Stitch


Abu would be nice but that wont happen :slight_smile:

Genie,Jafar,Baloo,Mowgli,Bambi as a control character,The villian from Incredibles,Mulan,Pochahontas,Tarzan,Max from the goof troop,King Louie,thumper,Mr potato head as a control character,Steamboat willie Mickie Minnie Goofy and Donald,and Just a reach but how about Nemo and Dory


Baymax, Stitch, Olaf are just a few I think would make excellent additions


I’m hoping they add more Disney villains! I’m so happy they added Zurg into the game. I think it’d be really cool to add some more. I’m personally hoping that the next content update isn’t tooo far away.


Jessica rabbit and Roger rabbit, who framed roger rabbit was a touchstone/Disney movie, and it would be awesome to have the characters out of it

I want Scrooge McDuck and Slinky Dog to get in the game. And Goofy. Definitely Goofy.

Imperador Kuzco porque foi um desenho muito bom e engraçado seria bom tem uns dos clássicos da disney no jogo.

This is my attempt at two new character suggestions!

HERO: Mr. Big - 'Zootopia’
Ranged back-line damage hero

Fantastic Damage A hole in the ground opens up beneath an enemy hero with the lowest hp, dropping them in ice cold waters, inflicting X damage.

GREEN SKILL: Taste Cannoli
Mr. Big throws a cannoli at an enemy hero in the frontline, reducing incoming healing by 20% and inflicting X damage.

BLUE SKILL: Polar Bear Backup
Mr. Big snaps his fingers and a polar bear bodyguard dashes through the enemy heroes, dealing X damage and knocking them back. The closer the enemy is to Mr. Big, the further they are knocked back.

PURPLE SKILL: For Gram-mama
When Mr. Big is taken out, he activates his Ice 'em skill one more time, even if he has no energy.


HERO: Tamatoa - 'Moana’
Melee Frontline Tank

WHITE SKILL: I’m So Shiny!
Tamatoa flashes his shiny shell on his back to the enemy team, making them stare at it for 7 seconds. He taunts all enemy heroes, making them focus their attacks on him and blinds them at the same time, making them miss their physical attacks. This effect is reduced for enemies above level X.

GREEN SKILL: Pincer Attack
Using his big claws, Tamatoa snaps at a nearby enemy, dealing X amount of damage.

BLUE SKILL: Bone Prison
Tamatoa places an enemy in a bone cage, stunning him for 3 seconds. This effect is reduced for enemies above level X.

PURPLE SKILL: Time to Hoard!
Tamatoa fixes up his shield by hoarding even more shiny artifacts and treasures. He now starts every wave with an X amount of shield. This shield does not expire until it is destroyed and is refilled each wave.



Nightmare before christmas…jack, Sally, oogie

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I’d love to see all the Mickey Mouse squad in the game


Genie would be a great addition!

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