What do you think the future of this game is?

I totally agree with you on this issue.
What can we actually do to improve this game @Polaris
Do you need more feedback ?

No more lvl increase.

Ppl have calculated that the lvl increase stops at lvl 155 due to the number of available left locations on the map :world_map:

Hope this helps @OFFICER_WILDE

not necessarily - we already had an additional island pop up a few updates ago :sweat_smile:


Whoops :grimacing:
What did I missed that ?!

Well I can understand that there should always be a raise but maybe how about 1-2 lvls and not 5…

Here we go, as predicted and sooner than expected.

I fear that this end up in one big server - which is definitely unsettling

I think it will be 1 big server and still more

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