What happens if I join a new guild during a contest?

As the title says, I would like to know what happens if I join a new guild during a contest? Let’s say my guild is almost to the top of the contest but I decide to leave and join another guild that has already finished and got top prizes for the contest, would I be able to get their prizes as well? Or would I miss out?

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You would miss out on those rewards…


Ah okay, thank you. Guess I won’t be leaving so soon then.


Yes i switched guilds probably 2 hours before the contest was revealed to me and i missed rewards because " you have recently switched guilds in the last 24 hours". If you switch during then i would think you can keep any rewards that you earned unless they are claimed at the end of the contest

What if I switched before the last 24 hours

You can transfer to a new guild and get the score rewards you achieved after 24 hours.

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