What I like about DHBM and how it can be improved

I’ve been playing DHBM for about 6 months, and I absolutely enjoy the game. However, I want to share what I like and dislike about the game, and how it can be improved.

Here are the positives

  • The game is a very creative concept which I enjoy. PB puts in a lot of effort in animation and character concepts. I never imagined things like calling in chopping machines, showering enemies with fireworks and so on. PB’s creativity is absolutely out of this world.

  • The game really made me love Disney and I started watching their films.

  • The game is fairly F2P Friendly. Without cash, you can still go really far if you know how to build a team and who to invest resources in. Of course, money just makes it faster but you can progress moderately fast at no cost.

  • Chats. You can chat with people in game and what’s even better, you can mute or censor the chat if you see anything inappropriate.

Now, it’s time for the constructive criticism

  • Hero refreshes. PB isn’t doing hero refreshes often enough and even when they do, it does not massively improve a character. Only exception I can think of is Syndrome. Perhaps more frequent and detailed hero refreshes would help the game’s economy because I and other players won’t invest as much money on our favourite Disney characters if they aren’t usable.

  • New game modes. As I’ve said, PB’s creativity is out of this world and they can definitely think of a new gamemode to attract more players.

  • More ways to obtain mod frags. Currently, some mod upgrade pieces like attack speed and green skill are nearly impossible to obtain. Maybe add them such that it’s obtainable in Invasion.

  • Friendship disks enemies shouldn’t be so high leveled for newer characters. It makes it a lot harder for beginner players to progress. Maybe scale the enemy levels a bit lower.

In conclusion, PB has made one of my favourite games of all time, made me love Disney, and their creativity is on another level. I’ll keep supporting them and playing DHBM, and even invest some cash in them. But the points listed in the constructive criticsm need to be addressed to prove that my money and other people’s money is worth investing into this game.

PB, thanks for your excellent work. You guys have produced a masterpiece, but there’s always room for improvement.

As of today, the only refreshed (full/stat) heroes that matter today are: Shank, DW, Syndrome, Elsa, Kim Possible, Dash, and kinda Madam Mim too. And about 30 others got already overpowered by power creep and are simply not good or useless.

New game modes are mainly needed because almost all existing game modes are not worth playing, and are very outdated; Heist and Invasion. Other game modes give very poor and outdated rewards: Guild War, Trials, Port. Arena and Coliseum are basically forced to play with… but there’s a lot changed needed here too, quick fights needs to be removed and replaced by a newer and better scoring system.

That’s because their bonuses are too big to be claimed by player at level 50, or even 200. But, that’s mainly because in compare, old disks give pity bonuses, Ralph gains 1.2M SP from maxed disk, while Syndrome over 70M SP, and most of new heroes 20-50M SP.

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