What is Everyone’s Favorite DH:BM Friendship Campaign?

Hey everyone. It’s me again, back with another question. So, I have been playing DH:BM and unlocking some friendship campaigns. And I thought there was some pretty cool ideas and conversations between the two characters. And I thought it would be cool to ask everyone about what their favorite one is. Mine is Oogie Boogie and Randall because I love when Randall calls Oogie Boogie a potato sack at the start :joy:


I haven’t been able to play through very many of the campaigns yet since I don’t have my characters at the right level yet, but based off of the characters alone, I love Baymax & Wall-E. They’re two of my favorite characters and they make perfect sense for a campaign together.

But Sadness and Eeyore gets a special shoutout just because that’s such a perfect pairing for both of them.


I like Colette-Megara friendship campaign, Its just Linguini getting into trouble with Hades so Colette and Sally have to save him.
Disgust-Sadness is also a nice story, Disgust trying to make Sadness look fashionable but then she realizes that she had been so harsh on her while doing so.
Pooh - Goofy is also worth a mention, its just Pooh and Goofy getting to who knows where all innocently, it’s pretty amusing to me.
Evil Queen - Gaston is also a pretty funny one, with Gaston thinking he sacrified himself for Belle’s sake at the end.
Those are the ones that I most liked when I played them.


I’ve enjoyed all the campaigns that have involved Finnick, Gaston, or Darkwing Duck; of those, probably my favorite was DW/Nick. I also have a soft spot for Rex/Mike for how goofy and rambling it is, and I found the Tron/Kevin Flynn one interesting for the little bit of worldbuilding thrown into the story. But based on what a guildmate has told me, Kronk/Yzma may end up my favorite, just because Bunson & Beaker are part of the campaign, so there’s times you have trapdoors, llamas, and Beaker clones all over the place.

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Kummer und ekel
(sadness and disgust)

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