What is going on?

Dead anybody reading this what is going on with my game let me give you some backstory basically I got a pop up saying server update and I thought okok then it said update the game so I did and nothing happened now I am on a android amazon device every time try to update it it won’t work so maybe there is a bug or something I really don’t know I tried restarting the game it does not work restarting my device also does not work either I tried to connact a support member and the haven’t replied to me so if anybody knows what is going just anything about this topic plz let me know quick asp or just take you’re time yours sincerely thegodoftheworld

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Plz reply in the comments if you know what is happening

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Reply in the comments if you know how to help me with this

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I am having the same problem too.


Oh i just thought I was going crazy and nobody had the same issue as me lol

I can not update my game. It keeps telling me that the update will be in the app store shortly. So when I try to go to the app store, it tells me that the update isn’t available to download yet. I am just trying to play the game!

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Same I have been going crazy about it it says the same thing I updated it and it didn’t work I have a lot of things to do on my account before I make an alt and I have until tomorrow cause of contest and stuff and it will not let me play I even have messaged a mod about it but he has not got back to me yet so I was wondering if anybody had the same issue

Your play store is probably cached. Use the search bar to bring up the DH featured result, which bypasses the cache and should have an Update option.

If that doesn’t work, delete the game and reinstall it. If you account is gone then send in a support ticket with your guild & account name (and ID if you have it) and they can retrieve it for you.

And make sure to read the T&C’s carefully!

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Ooooooooooohhhhhh ok

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, it still says there’s an update.

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Go to the app store and try and see if you can update it

Didn’t change. Still no update button.

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Oh i contacted support once qgain I am waiting for him respond

It’s annoying that’s it’s doing this when apple have already got it and can acctually play the game

Yes. It is annoying.

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I keep checking and checking about the update and it still doesn’t work

It’s so annoying.

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I agree and it’s late where I live so I have to go to bed cause I’m tired and if this still doesn’t work tomorrow idk what I am going to do

I don’t know what is happening. It still is saying there’s an update.

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Same I have asked loads of people and they are not responding

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