What is the best blue invation team

team i am about to use

Is Gonzo is good for invasion?

Yes but for red invation only

I’m using Hades with 5* Meg disk and red skill. Pleakley with red skill. Animal, Basil, and Stitch with Maui disk.

Stitch for slow.
Basil to apply several studies to the boss.
Each study applies a mosquito for damage over time.
Hades increases damage over time.
Animal helps.

Im using
Animal, gonzo disk
Kermit, gonzo disk
King Louie, animal disk
Pleakly, Jumba disk
Hades, megara disk / bunsen, gizmo disk
If you want extra damage replace King Louie and Hades for Megara, shank disk and Wasabi, syndrome disk

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Right now the best Blue team uses Wasabi[Sy], though his damage will be capped in the next update so don’t work on Wasabi specifically for invasion yet.

The old, standard Blue team that’s still decent but requires more co-operation is Bob[El], Hades[Me], Louie[Pe], Stitch[Ma], Pleakley[Ju].

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Who’s Bob?

Mr. Incredible.


クイックですか?(:+1: ∵ ):+1:

Manual. I have since dropped Basil and gone with Woody for more attack speed. Or you can use Mr. Incredible for armor shred. But he doesn’t benefit from the blue team power up and will take a laser from the boss so an invincibility power up is probably necessary.

Demona, Jasmine, Kristoff &, Sven, Brunson & Baker, Animal
This team will not die except on rare occasions, specifically for boss, don’t need invincibility for this setup either

Demona- takes laser from boss then revives
Jasmine- she fights but tiger does damage on front line and away from others
Kristoff & sven- kristoff does little damage but sven hits hard and keeps boss from attacking back line
Brunson & beaker- up to 5 characters summoned that explode and does high damage to boss
Animal- speeds all characters and speeds up summons for all. Animal is needed in this setup

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How many tiers do you complete using this team?

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Is this a Quick Fight line or Manual??

It’s a “get completely walled by level 100” line.

Current best Blue Invasion team is Mr. Incredible, Stitch (or King Louie Pe), Angel, Animal, Pleakley.

Until you pick up a bunch of Invincibility powerups. Then you swap Angel for Hades.

1x breaker, Slow powerup, Manual only. Animal and Mr. Incredible ult at the start. Pleakley and Animal ult together when Animal refills his energy. Always make sure Animal has a full bar at the end of the fight.

my blue invasion team is shego, zeus, fgm, kermit, and angel
shego will do most of the damage
zeus will constantly stun and steal/sap energy
fgm will energize and heal
kermit will give hardy to my allies
angel will charm and revive any of my allies

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