What is the best defense team to have in arena?

I finally reach max level in my server and want to know what is a good Defence team

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It might be a good start to know which heroes you have upgraded.

Cause I don’t think anyone can give advice out of the blue :man_shrugging:


Not that I know much on building a team, but you did use reflect to your advantage.

Maybe other people can help you more, but I think your team already looks good.

Well, A good defense would be Kronk(yz) or MH’s Red skill maxed.
But I can’t see them, So I assume the best defense to keep for you would be a combo of normal/true damagers+Kermit.

And the only decent normal/true damager you have is Hamm(levelled) and Dash, Mulan are at low rarity. So, You may upgrade some normal damagers!
Hamm+Kermit+Shang+Angel+Max/Claw would be decent!

Hope this helps

Maybe give a bit of some thing for some advice. Because the team that I form might not be suitable to you. So, if there’s a specific team/hero that you wish to use/include, you need to tell us so we can help u better.

Also, nice usage on the reflect. It’s an important buff to own.

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