What is the best team with clawhauser

This the team I use right now but can it be better?

I always switch between Kermit and fear I’m also working on Jessie

I would rather change what you said.
Not “Best Team FOR Clawhauser” but “Best Team WITH Clawhauser”.

A tank can not be the centerpiece of your team for logical reasons.

Best team with Clawhauser are Basic Damage-based heroes (since Clawhauser shares % of his Armor as Basic Damage) and Armor-giving heroes (to fuel Clawhauser more)

For team-wide Armor best now are: Shank and Timon and Pumbaa
For Basic Damage: Jessie (since she stacks upon that, also she needs Normal Crit), Jack Sparrow (his Purple when boosted with mods gives a lot of BD), Basil (his damage stacks with BD) or Gizmo (also shares % of Armor as Basic Damage and Skill Power)

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