What is the most annoying enemy in the friend campaign?

Who is the most annoying enemy hero in the friend campaign?

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First of all, all the enhanced characters are annoying. This game is troublesome because even the enemies are made stronger.





Hmm…, Randall or Mike? or both? :thinking:

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Mainly Randall, but also Mike.

Mike can withstand a single attack, but characters weak to Mike’s invincibility roll will not be able to withstand it and die instantly, and Randall will disappear from the target and fire the Death Beam repeatedly. Both are annoying.

In this game, characters who can survive and unleash powerful attacks are often unable to do anything against unenhanced characters. Now, if Baloo is a ferocious and weak character, time will run out.
The staff around here are adjusting the balance without really understanding it. Honestly, it’s a hassle because the store staff won’t know unless you tell them. There are many times when it is pointless to say such things.

Any character that has a reflect buff. I just learned that with a charged battle badge, Eeyore gains a reflect buff.

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Any hero that needs a specific thing to counter it! Especially if said counter isn’t in the 2 toons in the First chapter!

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I hope Episode 1 features a virus instead of a Disney character.

Mike frickin Masovski :exploding_head:
Im almost done EVERY single friend campaign, exept thoose where i have to beat this green cüclops…
My team have around 2,5-3 BILLION power, and this little dipshit have only few hundred thousand, maybe couple of million.

Yeah I agree reflect is annoying - at least there’s a good handful of strong debuffers and heros that remove reflect at this point. Bummer though that most heros that specifically remove reflect rely on skill level. Kuzco in particular irks me with his being able to use reflect regularly when I need to deal a lot of damage…
Conversely, I’ve been dealing with Randall rather effectively by using Ian’s reflect; Randall just KO’s himself with his over the top damage. Same principle works with numerous other op heros, their high damage output makes them very vulnerable to reflect.

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