What is the one chracter i should add to this team

i dont know who i should add ,who should i put i have tron louie almost everyone

Hmm…maybe, you should put to Maximus or Tron on your team. :thinking: You should take Dr.Drakken out. If he is too OP

Hes making a silence team…
Maybe Insert Kermit.

Hmm…that’s great idea :+1:t2:

i cant kermit on my main team

So…Angel then.

alr also will angel be in shop next month? @AbuBakr_Umar

No one knows Whats Your server?

i am in server 21

my angel is 3 stars louie 4

Oh, Maybe, She had been in shop so i dont think.
Angel is very neat for silence.
And Angel, Slinky, Ian Is Pretty much broken

Louie wont synergise well.

alr guess it time for me to work on her

Yes. You need upgrade to her.

i got her orange 1 now badges are way to expesive we need a new way of leveling chracracter

Try Basil of Baker Street

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