What is this self heal on meilin? This is not okay

Maybe give some more details? :upside_down_face:

This team that everyone in arena is using. Meilin tanks and absurd amount of damage. It’s able to be replicated as well.

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Well, there’s nothing you can do about it except try to find an effective counter.
A lot of other characters heal themselves, and Loutre said all heroes will eventually be getting better and will be able to counter the newer OP characters.

I’m aware on how to counter, but the point is that she shouldn’t be able to mitigate that amount of damage. It’s ridiculous that she can tank the same amount of damage that a mama bot has when it’s level is in the thousands

It is all because of her Honey disc. It heals her 50% of her max HP every time she uses a hardy… So the damage we deal is basically nothing as she heals sooooo fast

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Yeah that’s crazy. There’s no reason a hero should be able to mitigate TRILLIONS of damage.

Why won’t you use 22 or even Aurora over Milo and counter her?

That’s besides the point. I was able to beat it, but in my opinion, no hero should be able to mitigate that much damage. That’s the point I’m trying to make

She’s a tank. That’s her role.
And the heal was only that big because of Perry’s pierce, so you just allowed for this situation.

Great. Move on.

Uuuu… scary numbers.

Yeah, and it’s stupid that her self heal can’t be interrupted either, while Zeus’s can. And that her cartwheel attack is pretty much an instant death sentence to your entire team, while Zeus’s storm has no guarantee of taking out a single enemy. I mean, come on! Zeus is the KING OF THE GODS! By all accounts, he should be WAY more powerful than ANYONE in the game - let alone some school kid, who turns into a panda (yet is much scarier before doing so). Get serious, devs!

The only way I’ve been able to take her out lately, is by using Shego with Jim and King Louie - with fully upgraded Animal disc. I guess the only way to fight cheapness is with more cheapness.


… Zeus is already broken enough.

In what world?

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Lol what…?

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Uhh… the one where there are characters who can reflect it, or are untargettable for the first few seconds, or whose hexes can stop him from doing it. Even without any of those disables to worry about, I’ve had many times in surge or guild wars, where his storm barely scratched the enemy team.

What part of that was hard to understand? He’s an immortal god, who uses lightning as a weapon. She’s a school kid who turns into a panda. Unless she’s a descendant of Kratos, she should stand little chance against him.

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Uh, literally no. So from your logic, ANY hero currently (or that gets released in the future) shouldn’t be as strong as Zeus because in your words, “He’s the king of gods”? No?? Literally why would the devs do that in this game?? :skull: like where would the fun be if we all just use this one hero because he’s extremely OP? It doesn’t matter if he’s a god, there WILL be heroes that can take him down because that’s part of the game, and it’s how it should be.

So what if a “school girl that turns into a panda” is better than him? I don’t see the issue, just because you don’t like her or think it isn’t fair that she’s stronger than him, it doesn’t mean that the devs should change that. Just find ways to counter her (like with any other hero)

What do you mean “literally?” Is there any way your argument could be figurative? Because if not, then that word is not necessary.

Because it would make sense? Also, you’re misusing the word “literally” once again.

Because not only does it not make sense, but just because a character is new to the game, doesn’t mean they should be stronger than others. If anything, older characters should be stronger, because of their experience and knowledge of how to deal with certain situations. Robin Hood and Cheshire Cat, for instance, have skills that let them hit invisible enemies, and should thus be more than a match for Bagheera. But because he has less seniority than them, he’s somehow capable of defeating them both, and that’s wrong.

They could at least make her self-heal interruptable, or make her white skill do a little less damage. Or make her stop moving across the screen so much. Don’t enough characters have a bad habit of doing that already? And isn’t it a little unfair that other characters only have one of those moves, while she gets two?

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Didn’t know I was in English class, my bad

Anyway, not gonna argue about this anymore cause its pointless

So basically, you don’t want anyone but Zeus, Hades, Maleficent, or Philip to be any good whatsoever. Because really, what good are arrows, fireworks, or blizzards (lol!) against the Power of the Gods/Demons!

May as well take Miguel, the Toy Story heroes, the Zootopia heroes, etc. completely out of the game; how stupid is it that Nick’s Pawpsicle can hurt Hercules, much less KO him, amirite?


That’s what I’m trying to say as well, lol (I don’t understand it at all :joy:)

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