What is your favorite friendship

This a basic question, what friendship do you like the best and why?


I like friendships that involve Moana since she’s my favorite Disney character.

Aside from that, I also really like the Baymax/Olaf campaign because of Olaf’s naïveté about everything around him and Baymax’s struggle to understand him.


Villains friendships!!!


Anything of the friendships involving Stitch for obvious reasons!
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I thought you hated that they paired him up with the Mad Hatter :smirk:


I had a few months to get over it lol.

Now I can just hope of and when Lilo and friends come and when Pooh and friends come that they will have a friendship with Stitch.


I have a lot of favorite friendships in the game.

I love any friendship including judy or nick since those two are my favorites (probably why I ship them together).

Generally, I into any friendship campaign that includes a couple in the game.

I also liked the robin hood and merida campaign because of the story. I also enjoy the dialogue between the two, story and level up.

I really enjoyed the queen of hearts and rex campaign because their dialogue between each other is so hilarious.

They are together…

Which friendship with Moana do you like the best?

I meant as a pairing.

I think I like the Maui/Moana friendship the best.

Ah Stitch and Mad Hatter is currently my favorite it was just hilarious and different from most other Campaigns and I love it.

I’ll just leave this here.

As for friendship campaigns, I’d say Nick and Robin Hood. It’s cool/funny to see them together, especially knowing that the directors of Zootopia love the fan theory of Robin being an ancestor of Nick’s.

I’d say the Zurg/Hiro Campaign is my favorite. The way Zurg is attempting to have Hiro support him is hilarious in a way

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Let’s face it, who here loves a friendship with Genie in it?


Well… I liked Maui and the Genie’s friendship a lot.

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I liked The DarkWing & Megavolt friendships

(As in DarkWing/Nick, DarkWing/Mr. Incredible, Hiro/DarkWing, Megavolt/Zurg, Megavolt/Finnick, & Magica/Megavolt)

I liked the Aladdin/Genie one

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Which villain friendship do you like the best?

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