What it an note for someone

It from Gary the Gadget Guy it say

What is this? :face_with_monocle::thinking:

It is an code image
It say club penguin it in big trouble find out in 2/13/23

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But Gary gone missing

  1. This post makes no sense. You haven’t explained WHY you want us to solve this, and you don’t even give us any help on how to do so.

  2. You posted this same image on other threads where it wasn’t relevant, which is both self-promotion and spam.

  3. Not only that, you DM’d me specifically sharing this exact same thing, again not providing a sufficient explanation whatsoever as to what this is or why you want us to pay attention to it, even after I asked you about such.

Well find out in 2/13/23

  1. The Club Penguin servers shut down a few years ago. So, it not even a thing anymore.

  2. Not everybody played Club Penguin or even know that it was even a thing. So, not everybody will have no idea what this even is without explanation.

Operation epic :paintbrush::penguin:

well it coming back https://www.ladbible.com/entertainment/club-penguin-creator-is-confident-the-online-game-will-return-one-day-977364-20230315

  1. Confidence that it could return =/= confirmation that it will return.
  2. Did you really revive your own topic that no one was participating in anyways just to post that?

Is this guy Spamming? Because rn I’m reading the FAQ and it says no spamming, I don’t really get along with “spamming”.

  1. Rn i’m rn the forum rules and i’m seeing a note saying “No spamming”. So it clearly says “no spamming”.

  2. I don’t feel comfortable or settled with spammers interacting with the forums.

  3. No spamming because it’s against the FAQ rules and you haven’t explained why the heck you even uploaded this post, please explain a little more

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  1. FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions. What you were referring to was ToS: Terms of Service.

  2. You did not need to write all that in your comment if you were just going to say, “spamming is against the ToS” 3 different times.

  3. If you already know what spamming is, then surely you would be able to distinguish whether or not this is spamming (especially considering the very-high-if-not-near-guaranteed chance that you are who I think you are).


I understand @Myeong, I was just confused

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