What role it should be?

I am trying to make renadal boggs concpet and would want him to be added but i have serious issue what his role in the game do you think will fit the most for him?

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I think he would be a damage hero kind of like scar with scare

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I thought about 2 skills allready turning invisable like in monsters inc and monster universty and another where he sneanks while invisable and scaring the enemies dont sure what neeed to be another active skill for purple thought about scaring time is lasting longer from and from the red bossting damage i need idea for only 1 more skill do you think the skills i mentioned will be good for concpet? And what skill i can add besides the skill i mentioned?

I think Control or Damage personally. Depends what direction you take his moveset

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Allready mentioned skills i planing if all off the 4 i mentioned are good what another skill do you think will complete my skill set? look in ny latest post


Invisibl skill: self protect, damage role

Invisible sneak scare: scare= Damage role.

Scares last longer: support role

Last skill: Unknown, unknown role.

If the last skill is a damage skill, He could be a damage hero.

If it js a control.skill, he could be a control.

Or if it’s a support skill he could be support
But if it’s something like he receives less damage every time he goes invisible he could be a peculiar tank :scream:

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If that is the case a the missing skill can be support skill and it will original and unexcpted to see from this charther

…but wjat will this support skill be??

That is what i am trying to come up with since i stil dont have idea what is effct will be exctaly

He could wrap around an Ally (I can’t spell that) and turn them invisible, and maybe heal them or speed them up?

I thinking the second option will be the most logical option so i think it will be the best option for this reason and since no one who can scare can do it healing i think can be saved for 1 off his discs though

Last question before making the concpet do you think that either mike or sulley should be randal s friends? if not do you think jack skellington can be batter option for friend ?

I was actually really surprised Jack wasn’t friends with Mike or Sully before now…

Seeing as how Monsters Inc moved to powering on laughter instead of fear and Randall’s out of a job, maybe the friend story for Jack and Randall could have Jack offer Randall to use his help with Halloween instead?

Do you think it should maybe raplace with the scar friendship ? So it will be more realted to haloween? Reason i picked mike is obvoius the 2 were former friends when both were younger mike in monster unviversty had not choice besides off team up with sulley in the scaring games or it mike would be joke there and seen as stupid and unseroius so even thought it did hurt randal if these were 2 meeting apologizing and decideding not to fight each another and being friends again can be possible if you think i should raplace 1 off these say to me if mike friendship or scar friendship needs be raplaced by jack skellington friendship so basicly my question which friendship will be the batter to raplace?

What i want to know is your opion if raplacing randal s scar or mike friendship should be raplaced for jack skellington friendship?
This way i can my conopect batter so comment here and say which friendship will be batter to keep and which to raplace