What time does the update come out

Wheb does the new update come out now?


Soon they just have to work out the kinks

Ok thanks for answering

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Update 1.12 Patch Notes It’s all here, you can filter from Polaris :clock4:

stop spreading hate on the forums. it was out of their control. they’re not intentionally holding it back.


Ok update 1.12 did not work out at all


@polris what time is the update


Does anyone know if our team XP has been building up when on team level 90? If so a ton of people should almost be able to level right up to 95 as soon as the update hits.

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Shut up saying that this time … Has posted let’s welcome them to our community

This is bogus!!! They had 08-20, then 08-21, now it’s none until further notice🤦🏾‍♂️

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A un no lo sacan pero creo sera algún día de esta semana o la otra :(:pensando:

Nunca, empieza con lo que tienes

For those that do not understand how this works let me make it clear. Per blue gets an update and sends to the app stores apple google and Amazon. They have to each approve this before we get it. However they can refuse it for any reason or there are multiple reasons it can be delayed. Problems at the app store end is just one example. This going wrong can mean it cant go ahead. Remember they cant update it until all 3 are ready. Or some would have an unfair advantage. You may not like this however saying stupid stuff here that is beyond Polaris control is really ridiculous.


No, I don’t think it ever does that. You have to build it up manually.

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Well said…You captured exactly what I didnt know how to word

Dann ignoriere diese Angebote. Ich tue das auch.

So what are the reasons ?


You guys must be fun at parties


Update isn’t approved yet, please wait.

Update now complete but just talk about it then tomorrow lock it

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