What will be perfect Davy Team?

Anybody got idea for perfect davy team?

Davy (Oo), Shang/Joy, Magica, Yzma (Ur) and Maleficent.

But Magica and Maleficent need their red skill.

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Replace Tia for someone who gives survivability and the team is ready

Survivability… hm… what about Shang?

Yeah he’s a perfect option


Davy, Shang, Mulan, Tron, Timon and Pumbaa. Meta team with Davy basically.
Could use Kevin Flynn instead of Tron as well.

If Shang is still underleveled, Joy could be a good alternative option?

I guess so.

Micky, Peter, and Mike.

(Let’s see if anyone else is old enough to get that. And no, “Micky” isn’t a misspelling.)

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He’d die in seconds without supporting curses. You need yzma(Ur).

Davy + Juma is an amzing combo, but one that only those in Challangers could currently use. Jumba’s green skill give 1.8 Million BD to front most ally for 20 seconds, all of Davy’s damage comes from Basic Damage skills. It’s like an 8 times multiplier on Davy’s damage dealing. So them plus a curse hero or two and a support and you’re all set.

Some very rough math for this one shot team ; vs a team that’s been cursed and if Davy ults while buffed by Jumba, he’s hitting the enemy team with his Kraken for approx 20-25 Million.

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