What would be a good team for the beast?

What are the best team mates for the beast??

The beast is one of my favorite characters, and I really wanted to make one of my main teams with the beast included.

I heard that Betty/Bo peep is a good companion for him, is it true??

Any advice is welcome, thank you for your time!

Who is Betty?

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Betty is Bo Peep in Spanish and Portuguese

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I will say that he needs a healer on his side. Belle and the Beast have good synergy cause it makes sense. What are you planning to use him in?

I think maybe Coliseum

Bo is definitely a nice pick for the Beast, but the best ones are those who increase his crits. Hook or Robin will look nice with these two.

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I could suggest Mushu with Gerald disk for super crits

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Beast and Meg are good together. She keeps him alive until he gets the rage…

I use Beast, Joy, Gonzo, Walle, and either anger or megavolt. It is really good.

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