What's Shank and Olaf like?


What are are these two tanks like? I have them but haven’t bothered upgrading them yet. My best tanks are Sully and Baymax but I need another really good one for the colosseum. What are your honest opinions? I have all the tanks in the game but only 3 are upgraded. Ty :slight_smile:


Both, Shank and Olaf are great and useful tanks.
Very worth to upgrading.


Thank you! Do you know anything about Hades?


Nothing special, good to upgrade him only for friendships camps.


Have Hades on P4, four stars

  • High HP
  • Mediocre Reality
  • Weak Armor
  • Low Basic Damage

Ironically, he tends to keep up with others in terms of dealing damage, his ult and passive do their job.

All in all, he’s a pretty nice allrounder. AoE attacks, mix of Normal and Fantastic ones, has a Scare. HP basically doubled due to revive.

He fits in most teams, but he’s a generalist tank - doesn’t specialise in anything, mediocre at everything. Units like these do have their uses though.


Well, sadly, I can’t tell… since the game’s grind is too much. I’ve decided to keep my newest Heroes at White.

I hear that Shank is good because of her Damage Negation and she brings all that Negated Damage into her White Skill.

About Olaf… he’s good because of his Dodge. Seriously, too much Dodging Heroes (I might be exaggerating here) and the annoying Dodges. And his Revive…