What's this?! (Spoiler thread)

More then 15 months a actually

Wow… first it’s no Kim’s not coming like 10 mins ago and now y’all are like yeah she’s coming… LOL

I’m predicting kim is gonna be the new event character

That is very likely and why we all have basil on max stars lol

Basil is a garbage hero… worse than Aladdin

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Looking back… the conclusion was hinted at from before the first hint.


Patient is a weak word considering we’ve all been angrily waiting for her.

I literally guessed it before we found out

This was probably what it meant by trouble shot but who knows for sure

Lol I’m dying of laughter after reading that

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I think there was some dispute over whether some datamined information was accurate, not over whether Kim was coming. I didn’t pay that close of attention to that part, to be honest.

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I’m so hype for Kim!!!
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Someone posted a supposed datamine of Kim on discord. Polaris said in a PM that Kim isn’t in the data yet so I said it might not be real (I didn’t say it def wasn’t real or it was wrong). Someone misinterpreted me maybe and got defensive about the datamine.

Don’t get the hype over this character, I would understand if it was some really big Disney character oh well

She was waited since they slip in that post related with Duke Caboom disk that she was coming. Like a whole year ago. Or even more. That’s why the hype for her.

Some characters are more important and treasured by some than others, so it is just that each of us has our own favorites and that doesn’t make them less valid even if they aren’t per say big characters or small characters in the sense of how well they are known :-).

Personally I am not that interested in Kim Possible myself, but she should be a fun character and I am looking forward to be seeing her in the game :-).


Think of movies that have ostriches in them…lion king, bed knobs and broom sticks, Dumbo, fantasia, 7d, merc, the lion guard…there are many movies that Disney has them…doesnt mean its going to be a character…just a hint…the ostrich might come out in a skill

The puzzle has been solved @KLYXS_S2


Kim possible is coming…? What these mean…?

The best Disney’s character is finally coming to this game!!!

After 15 months since she was announced!

Wooohooo!!! :partying_face:
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what if they give us Kim and she is a useless hero? a waste of complaints lol

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