Duke Caboom "Badge of Bravery" Buff

We’re increasing the healing power on Duke Caboom’s Badge of Bravery. Duke Caboom’s other Friend Disk with Kim Possible will not be released as soon as we hoped, so we’d like to power up his existing disk for now.

  • The new Disk stats will give Duke Caboom more Armor and Max HP.
  • In addition, Duke’s ability to heal his allies will be 10% better at 5-Stars, for a total of 50% healing of his Max HP!

So does that mean as soon as Kim Possible is released, Duke’s disk with Woody will go back to its normal stats?


No, this disk will keep this buff, even after the second disk is released.


Ok thank you, that’s good to know


Will this buff be a part of an update or just its own thing?

So first off I didn’t know that Kim Possible was going to be in the game, so I’m excited for that now. Second of all will Duke’s friend disk with Kim be released as soon as Kim comes out or will it be after she’s released?

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I would guess that it would come out as soon as she comes out


The buff is already live (you may need to restart to get the new stats if you’re in the game right now).

It’ll happen the same as with other friendships - it will be active when the hero is added to the game.


Oh I didn’t even realize that lol, thanks again

So this can be considered the patch notes we are expecting with more toy story characters like you mentioned in 1.10.2 update, @Polaris?

Side note: how is everything going with the avatars issue in the forums?


Still WIP - error with the forum code that needs to be fixed.


The timing of this smells a little - rushed out the day before a FTN with Duke chips as a reward :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t encountered many Dukes (and certainly haven’t had the chance to use him), so can’t totally speak as to the necessity of this buff, but from what I’ve heard he is very strong already.

When will the new update patch notes drop

So kim possible not release in next update?:thinking:

I can’t wait for another TV show character to arrive! I hope that she will come somewhere in July or August…

Kim really is confirmed. And now I’m really excited.


So you’ve already noticed that we’ve known about Kim right? At least Duke Caboom has become Duke Cabuffed :wink: (I know bad pun)

Alright, thanks for the status there.
Kim Possible to get this delay makes me excited to see how she will work out when gets the official release.

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@Polaris Does this means kim possible got fan made in this game or it got unreleased?

She was meant to be released in the 1.10 update but she didn’t make it in time

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