What's this?! (Spoiler thread)

Yes. That would be helpful! :see_no_evil:

“Post eight” was from the first cipher Polaris provided. That led to the Welcome post, which led to the Update 1.8 Patch Notes.


And this means Elsa? Or what? Because eight post (if I can count) was a bout Elsa to be in the shops. And then we have her Genie Friendship where it is about Anna… :joy::sweat_smile:

Well I think we are all officially stumped

Ten points for you!

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The Welcome post is post eight, as seen at the end of its URL: https://discourse.disneyheroesgame.com/t/8



so not Tron then.


Off with their head sounds kinda announcy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What hero has announcement in their skill? The most likely seem tron but…

It is literally and announcement lol

Well Tron has “System Patch”

Ralph has shouting match

Pretty much all of Anger’s skills and Scaring is Caring from Sulley

Miss Piggy has Hands Off!

Yeah that’s what I suggested earlier and it seems to bring us to a comment that said “icons will be added later”

Frozone has Freeze! This is possible since he just got a red skill

Olaf has Head’s Up!

Duke has Yes I Canada!

Coin Collection? Scrooge…

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