When is KP coming?

Round about when Duke Caboom got his first friendship, it was announced that KP was going to be added some point in the future. But we’ve had update aftet update, no KP. Is she still coming? You could have released her round the time the KP 2019 movie came out, that would’ve been perfect.

She may have got dropped, Her white skill had three things it could do. It has to be somewhat insane to code that to work properly.

Meh plenty of other characters to pick from

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Devs said it’s her style problem original or newer one, choice is obvious but… PB, meh.


I hope they don’t drop her. I’ve been waiting for them to add KP characters for a long time! For one, I’d finally have the perfect profile pic if I was able to get her! (Big KP fan.)

I kinda hope they do add her. Considering the style of this game, the OG would be best. They could add the LA outfit as a costume.

If they WANTED, adding her around the premiere of the LA version would have been a great time.

I know, but I’m REALLY looking forward to them adding her if they ever do. She’s been one of my most wanted since I joined this game!

Any updates @Polaris ?

I’m kinda worried now it’s almost been a year

I’m sorry…

I had asked when she was coming, but this was their response. : (

We could try asking again when they have the Q&A it doesn’t hurt to try

I thought it was a balancing issue game play wise, she is being delayed because of a look? That seems…trivial at best if it’s just cosmetic. This is an older cartoon, so not sure why they couldn’t just go with whatever her introductory “classic” look was. If they wanted, they could always revamp her like they did Elsa or, crazy thought, make a new costume since it’s only been 200 years since the last new one it feels like.

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