When will Gogo Chips be easily accessible?

Gogo’s chips have been here for quite a significant duration:

Does anyone know when they will be moved to a more convenient acquisition area?
Preferably Elite mode.


As a general rule, PerBlue has kept heroes exclusive to Challenger rewards for about 6 months. Go Go became the Challenger exclusive about 14 weeks ago, so I’d guess she has 10 or 14 more weeks to go.


sii, me parece muy difícil subirle de estrellas y apenas llevo 3 en ella, dan muy pocas fichas y seguirá bastante tiempo allí, espero que pronto llegué a otro lugar y sea más fácil conseguirlas…

They will rotate in usually after the challenger season is over.

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It will take a while. U might have to wait

I want to know this too, as I loterally have no clue what “challengers” are.

Challengers is the top league of Arena and Coliseum. In order to get there, you need to make it all the way to Platinum I and stay in 1st place for a few days.

Then you’ll be promoted to Challengers. Now Challengers is different from normal Arena/Coliseum because you need keys(which are given out daily) to attack. After each week depending on your rank you might promote 1 or 2 leagues. You also get crates that contain Go Go’s chips at the end of each week.


So just under 3 months until Gogo chips get moved somewhere else?
Stores would also be good, as long as it was Surge or City Watch, since I collect a lot of those ingame currencies.

This is the reason why I need her chips and a lot of them:

I can’t advance Big Hero 6 collections without Miss Tomago being 6 stars.

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Fred exists…
Not to mention how disadvantaging this collection is…

Fred by himself won’t be enough to finish the collection.
From memory, you need 5 characters to complete Platinum III/Collection 12.

So I need both Gogo and Fred.

Honey Lemon


Baloo was an unfortunate hero too, he stayed in those crates a very long time ago beside of big bug
And after nearly 1 year he became easier to obtain, he was already on low tier

Somehow I got Baloo to 6 stars:

I cannot remember how.

He is easily farmable for months now.

That “one year” passed away.
But as said

Once he become easily farmable he was already in B-tier. So it was all pointless.

It’s true, it is possible with these guys:

And here my Go Go:

So good luck! You can do it!

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