When will Moana come?


Alrigh, so I’ve usually go to the Disney heroes battle mode wiki to see Moana still there in the coming soon section. Link to the wiki if you are intrested seriously wondering when Perblue is gonna add Moana. Not complaining. Just wondering.

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You need to remember that along with the B&tB heroes, these were data mined, so there is no telling when they will drop. Although their codes are in the game, it does not mean they are finished. Its possible purblue put them there just give dataminers something to find as heroes are added remotely to the rest of the code.

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She is in the game already. I just got her from a diamond crate.

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Moana is in the Diamond Crate.

Haven’t got her yet; saving up my diamonds.


Lol, just farming Flynn and Moana up in Arena and Coliseum Shops. Don’t need diamonds for those :joy:

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I have Moana on server 14