When will Ratigan arrive?

New characters have been arriving for months but we are still waiting for Professor Ratigan. There are many who have requested it …


He will probably come eventually. PerBlue has a lot of heroes lined up for the next year. You just have to be patient.


I’ve been waiting for months, I like many. Perblue uploaded inside out characters all in one month and uploaded many zootropolis characters forgetting to complete other categories.

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It takes about 6 months to make a character, and PB probably already made a list of characters coming to the game in 2021. All I can say is just to be patient.


Who knows? Maybe he’ll come this summer. :man_shrugging:

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Is it a spoiler or opinion? I just want to know that you can’t ruin the game

Are you referring to this?

If yes then it’s just a guess, if not.


I want ratigan too. He would be perfect for halloween release.

I suggest Ratigan white skill needs to have him a bell then felicia his cat eats the enemy amd his purple skill him transforming into his feral form when he gets below a certain amount of health.

Or maybe have fidgit do something,

Oh and Don’t call him a rat!

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