When will rewards be given for last discord event challenge?

@Justus , @TheGrillFather , or @Farmer_Louie_LIX

I submitted the image and my Id to google link for the last discord challenge event in the appropriate time frame, but haven’t seen the rewards yet? When will these be issued? I’ve tried asking twice in support tickets already and the person didn’t give me an answer, just gave a typical pre written response about the event , what rewards are, and should be placed on a google link (still don’t understand why can just show the proof from a support ticket instead so u have the account I’d handy that way but besides the point).

Anyways any update be appreciated.

The rewards already went out, unfortunately if your player ID was submitted incorrectly, you may not have received the rewards. There were a few IDs that were not existing accounts when we checked.

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I typed it out exactly as the main page said it was formatted as “x:xxxxx” was that part of the issue as didn’t need the “:”?

would been nice if support would have told me they couldn’t find my submittal or tell me they gave me the rewards and I overlooked it or something. Any way to check?

Can these events not be submitted via google events in future but by support tickets so you can have our id handy?

I mean we also had to submit our email address on the google event…. If going to continue as such can at least write an email asking to confirm the ID when issuing the rewards if having issues at very least I would think :man_shrugging:.

Sorry as a ftp player I rely on anything can get my hands on.

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