When will stop the all week tournament?

Actually, I did understand when it was the special tournament that lasted a week, but really? Week tournament every week? Where is the interest ? It was all excitment about week-end tournament, but now, it’s just « oh okay a week tournament, like always », paying amazing amounts of money or ressources to stay in head, no interest…

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I think not everyone can pay to get a good score to win all the rewards in the tournaments, it just made it more accessible to all players

I really do understand this point, but the thing is if you want to have a great score, you think to pay a lot more than before, and when it was just the week end we had (most of people) time in the week-end, now we all have to take time on working days


i have to agree here. A lot of people are not paying more unless u are battling for 1% and above. The whales are paying to batlle for ranks.

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Using diamonds and stamina are things you already do every day. All this means is that you’ll have a much easier time getting the progression rewards, which are 1000x better than the ranking rewards.

What’s the problem?

…that to reach 1M requires tons of resources that not any F2P can get


Which is a problem of the scoring system, not the length of the contest, to be precise.

This is in fact possible. Just save for a long time…

More seriously, the increase in requirements at each tournament becomes unbearable. As an F2P, it’s hard for me to keep pace with these increases. Or even impossible.

As for the duration, I do not have a problem that it has lengthened, as long as the requirements do not increase even more than before.


Hence the



do u mean not many?

Cuz not any actually means nobody who is f2p can get there, but im sure there is at least 1 f2p player in DH who will get there

I don’t spend anything, and I always get everything, just knowing how to use the resources

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