Where did the stamina deals go

I used to see a good variety of stamina only deals up until a few weeks ago. Since then they have been much less value (50% or less value), fewer price options, or combined with other items. Are the offers based on my team/efforts and this is what I’m stuck with, random and it’s been a lousy few weeks, or something else?

Here is my feedback. I prefer the low cost offers. I cannot do those offers that are 10-20x more expensive. I prefer just stamina with diamonds offers. If the offers are based on an individual player’s activity I would prefer they scale up with our needs (many of the offers I see now are less than months ago). I would really like for there to be a way to earn stamina that at least fills my reserve. Quite honestly I don’t know why the reserve level has increased if the refill rate remains the same, and no longer fills overnight.

Just my opinion and feedback. I hope it is useful.

You’d think the deal algorithms would be smarter. If I never spend more than $5, then I should be inundated with $5 deals. If I only buy when Stamina is offered at 2x the usual rate, then logic would dictate that the smart thing would be to spam me with those deals much more often.

Some days I get the feeling that PerBlue is allergic to money.

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