Where In The World Is This Concept?

This is my unlikely entry for @Scarlet_Captain’s contest!

Name: Carmen Sandiego


Source: Carmen Sandiego

Description: The best thief there is, Carmen uses her various gadgets and crime-fighting skills to take down her Vile enemies

Quote: “I realized stealing isn’t a game. It does harm people, especially when you’re willing to steal lives.”


Trial Team: Red

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Stars: :star:


Entrance: Flies in on her glider

Basic Attack: Kicks an enemy

Victory: Tips her fedora

Defeat: Falls to the ground in pain


White Skill: Lady’s Tools


Normal Damage :fist:
The player chooses an enemy for Carmen to target. While on auto, Carmen will target the enemy with the most buffs. Carmen pulls her grappling hook and fires it at the target. This pulls the target to Carmen, dealing Y Damage to enemy they pass through. Carmen then kicks the enemy, dealing X Damage, knocking them back, and removing any active buffs with a remainder of 4 or more seconds.

Green Skill: Where In The World?


Normal Damage :fist:
Carmen arrives late to the battlefield on her hang glider. Before she lands, she kicks the front-most enemy, dealing X Damage and stealing up to three buffs from them.

Blue Skill: Eagle’s Eye


Carmen looks through her binoculars at the enemy team, studying 3 random enemies for 7 seconds. Carmen also gains Y Skill Power and precise for 11 seconds.

Purple Skill: Honorable Thief


Once every 7 seconds, if an enemy attempts to steal a buff or shield from any Ally, that Ally keeps the buff or shield and heals for Y HP.

This can fail against enemies above level Z.

Red Skill: La Femme Rouge


Each time a buff is stolen by Carmen, she gains Y Skill Power and X Basic Damage. For each buff currently on Carmen, her Skill Power is increased by 5%.

+Y Reality
+Y Max HP
+X Damage to Where In The World?


  • Carmen Sandiego / Darkwing Duck


Allies: Kim Possible, Syndrome, Flynn Rider
Campaign Name: The Money Bin Caper
Disk: Each time a buff is stolen by Carmen Sandiego, allies have a 10% (plus 10% per star) chance to receive the same buff.
+Y Skill Power

  • Carmen Sandiego / The Rocketeer


Allies: Hiro Hamada, WALL-E, Tron
Campaign Name: Retro Techno
Disk: Carmen Sandiego’s Attack Speed is increased by 60% for 7 seconds (plus 1 second per star) after using Where In The World?
+X Basic Damage


Feedback is appreciated

One small thing:

For her White Skill, if there are no enemies with buffs on them (an unlikely scenario, but it could happen), then who does she target?

But great concept!

I guess it’s random :sweat_smile:

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