Where’s big chungus

What happened to big chungus, a s14 player?

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Big Chungus is not Disney. It belongs to the Warner Bro.

Sigh. As I said player name. He’s a guy from s14

And whan can happen to a player? Who knows. Maybe this one just left the game :upside_down_face:


True. But what if I told you…

I am here freind

No, Big Chungus is a meme, which is based off Bugs Bunny, who is owned Warner Bros. Big Chungus itself is owned by the guy who came up with the meme in the first place.

Either way, I agree with you that neither Big Chungus or Bugs Bunny will ever be in this game.

The person is right there! So don’t ask! Lol

You’re missed lol

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I plan on deleting this post now that it’s served it’s purpose

Also you’re from s14 felina?

I was before lol
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