Wheres mowgli?

Alongside kuzco mowgli seems to be an odd omission since hes the main protagonist. Kaa, baloo, and bageera are here bur not mowgli. Maybe perblue is trying to save him so he can be overpowered compared to his animal friends. Thatd be funny

I feel like since king Louie and baloo were added together, and same with kaa and bagherra (not in the same update though), next year we could get mowgli and shere Kahn (just too balance out the two jungle book characters per year)

But Louie and Baloo were released in 2020.

Just saying… Mowgli might be the same case as Belle or Snow White. Where we waited for them a long time since the kit either wasn’t really figured out or was not approved by Disney.

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