Which new Character got October 2019 hero sign in?

The update got updated 1.13 comes. To me not sure, for new sign in hero October 2019

#1 Kim possible

#2 Dr Facilier

#3 Beile

#4 Captain hook

#5 Agent P

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Most likely…captain hook

Why oes everyone think its captain hook???

Coz he’s Hook

  1. Captain Hook is one of the primary villains of the Disney Villains franchise, and it’s sensible for him to join. We have other primary villains of said franchise: Maleficent, Scar, Hades, Ursula, etc., and they’re part of the DHBM roster as well.

  2. If we have Peter Pan, and if Hook’s a playable character in Sorcerer’s Arena, as mentioned above, Captain Hook’s likely to join the DHBM roster.

  3. As for the sign-in, I bet it’s to throw in the Halloween and Disney Villain spirit.


We’re really on the HOOK for this guy


I want Kim possible

Please… let it be Kim, finally.

I really want Dr. Facilier. After the number of people who have made a concept for him recently, I think he’s got a good chance.


@Polaris do we have patch notes today?

All of them were wrong XD

Yzma ? She’s a possibility.

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Yeah, I’d say she’s a possibility…

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Dude we already knew this

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